Monday, March 30, 2009

The Coffee

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word coffee? Here are a few responses that might come to mind:

Caffeine, for how tiring your life is and how it is easy to relate to the coffee I.V. joke.
Hot good quality roasted cup of black coffee, you can almost taste your best cup.
It’s good for you/It’s bad for you… each with supporting reasons.
Starbucks boycott to save the local brand.

All answers, true yet focused purely on coffee being the main constituent rather than an element of the thought. Besides, all very fundamentally influenced by the masses. For instance, tired or not, everybody can use more caffeine. Whether one cares or not, can certainly agree to boycott Starbucks. For me, a cup of coffee is only validated as an excuse to share valuable time with another soul. The caffeine has never accomplished keeping me up, whereas my taste buds are almost immune to quality; instant coffee is as good as one poured in one of those Nescafe advertisements. (I am sure many of you disagree, sorry, my five senses rarely operate to their full ability and I am still developing my sixth sense)

So coming back to the only valid excuse, I cannot start to explain how crucial a role coffee has played in getting to know some of the closest people in my life. Whether it was the Irish coffee I shared in the mountains of British Columbia or the sweet peppermint mocha in the basement of Irvings. I guess I am simply trying to urge you to try this just one out. Order a coffee not ‘To Go’ for a change. Sit down with a companion and sip it from one of the large coffee bowls over an extensive afternoon. It will bring you closer to another person more than you’d ever get in a hundred parties/movies/dates. Be sure to go there with no agenda and let the conversation unfold on its own. Share it with friends to bring some relaxation in each other’s fast paced life.

If we are in the same town, your next cup of coffee is on me. I’ll be glad to hear some of your experiences here if you have already enjoyed this subtle activity or are soon going to give it a shot in the near future.

With Love, Mo


  1. i feel like i could use less caffeine most of the time!!!

  2. lolz... how about a lemonade then? ;)

  3. awwwww... i miss those coffee days too!!! sigh, when do you want to go for the next skiing trip mohitu ? this entry is sooo sweet! aww. done then. when you are next here, you are taking me out for coffee :) i know this really cool coffee shop (and its not starbucks, ahem ;-))

    ah, but i cant deny...thanks to you, i stopped and smelt the coffee :P

  4. Aww Pridu... Am so glad you reached this blog :)... I was truly missing those days and ended up writing about it...

    Coffee is no doubt due the minute I see you... Please take some time off and come down... Anytime that's convenient :)

  5. Yeah!!!! Im gettin coffee from Mohit ! :)
    PS: i like this article lots!!!
    i like doin TP over coffee/food/maggi/drives/icecream etc etc etc

  6. One of my fav's too :)... Coffee awaits you anytime/anywhere you wish... !!