Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pull out that pad and pen… Write a letter…

With the advancement in technology, one of the (not so long ago) routine gestures has amazingly taken a higher level of significance. Aptly quoted by my dad, the world today is as small as we choose to make it. Cell phones, email, social websites such as Facebook, even professional websites such as LinkedIn allow for you to contact any friend of yours instantly or at the least expect a response within a few hours of leaving a message. Location and physical distance from you is no barrier. In fact, not just friends, but total strangers can be looked up in a matter of minutes and traced to their current location almost effortlessly.

In this day and age, writing a hand written letter is no longer the method of choice to communicate with someone. Unless it is a legal notice that requires a paper trail of certified mail, or someone lacking the technology skills needs to pay his/her bills, paper mail is nearly obsolete. However, such a decrease in its use has brought with it an opportunity to make someone feel special. Absolutely unexpected yet unusually unique, a hand written letter is considerably appreciated by most of us. The content itself isn’t even of much importance; simply a short paragraph or two will be read over and over again, as the lucky recipient just received non junk mail and have you to thank for it.

So, I urge you today to pull out that pad and pen and write up about your favorite color perhaps. Send it to a special friend and see it make his/her day. Do not forget to put down a return address now; it is my guarantee, your friend won’t sleep before responding to you. I have swayed a bit from my personal nature of the blog; however, I felt it was important to remind everyone about one of the little non-effort gestures that can go a long way.

To my friends and strangers interested in pen-pals, I will not put down my address on the blog. As mentioned before, it is readily available online within a few smart clicks for one who really wishes to write. For your effort to go through this entry, I urge you to leave your comments and feedback.

With Love, Mo.


  1. mo, u will nt believe this but i nd my best frnd write letters to each other from past 10 years .. it started in school probably 9 yrs back .. we started writing letters to each other to resolve our fights .. but nw tht we dnt stay in the same town we maintained dis tradition and trust it is something very personilzed and i suggest my other friends back in town to try it out .. let the person knw hw much u love dem, hw much dey mean to u , hw much u miss dem... because when u sit nd write .. u can actually express urself expressively.. i still hve 7 yr old letters with me .. i still read through dem .. i have memories..

    luv poonam

  2. Dearest Poo,

    I am extremely glad to hear this. Even though I do not have a consistent friend I have exchanged letters with, every letter that I have received has brought me abundant joy :)

    Please keep up the tradition and if in the mood, write to me someday :)...


  3. Memories with the received letter..card stay alive!
    Not just for the receiver but for the sender too..

  4. Well said anon... And if that memory is something we made together, I request you to reveal yourself. :'(

  5. You have a fan of letter writing/receiving here too :)

  6. i blv in this too and have this habit as part of me already

  7. im already used to this wonderful habit so i feel good of my initiative