Friday, July 25, 2008

Life in Short, at 21

Following is an excerpt from a chat with a wonderful friend (referred to as anon) to preserve privacy. I post it because it seems to relate to a lot of people at my age, atleast from what i see.

Mo: you up late on a friday night.. in a goood mood presumably...

Anon: was in a pathetic mood actually...when im in a good mood, i sleep... when bad, i stay

Mo: hmm.. now what could be a reason to make dearest anon in a pathetic shoot reasons.. n i'll kill them.

1. getting old
2. too less time at home
3. what to do further in life
4. my boy mearly never beside me
5. sister away
6. depressing world
7. nieces and nephews way smarter

hmm... i honestly request 3 mins for rebuttal.once u complete the reasons.

Anon: hee hee hee

1. omg. you are not old. you have barely spent a 5th of your life. with 4/5th of it on its way with equally ton of fun that you have had uptil now.
2. i understand less time at home.. but thats why man invented phone/web conference. further frm family,, closer you get .. stronger the love. more time you give thm to miss u... better the getting back.
3. Wht to do further in life.. Hmm... 40% of the world population that revolves arnd the 18-25 age bracket.. has no answer to that question. you are not alone .

Anon: dats nice !

4. aww... dun miss ur boy too much.. you got friends arnd... cherish the moments u get with him... enjoy the rest split amongst friends. coz trust me, they miss you a ton, when he's arnd.
5. hmm.. my sister is 9 yrs younger... n not gone married away yet... am sure i'll miss her... but thats acceptabe.. gets u another place to visit with a reason to visit as often as u like!... expandin ur footprint on this earth

Anon: hmmm....

6. Now, i really don't like this reason. My world, is my friends, my family. That seriously ain't depressing. and I am sure i speak for you too, when i say they are not depressing at all!!!! then how is ur world depressing... u jus need to think the answer thru.. and u'll contradict urself.
7. Everyone loooks smarter in schoool. i haven't done the amount of work i did in 10th boards ever since. those are days of bein nerd smart... these are the days of bein street smart.

Comments, rebuttals... most welcome. as always.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't Sleep?

Ever rolled in your bed for hours at a stretch? Forcing yourself to think in a certain direction, trying to distract yourself from anything and everything? Well, maybe not. Maybe you haven’t faced the need to do so. I hope the need never arises. The only way I feel you can help it is by achieving distraction in the form of something you like. To evaluate what could be keeping you away from sleep might be a good start. From the short afternoon nap, to the evening pinch of caffeine in your Starbucks coffee anything could trigger a sleepless night. Stress about upcoming work or fear of facing tomorrow could also push your dream world away. Once recognized, however, the most difficult part becomes to submerge yourself completely into a different thought. People usually play an important role when it comes to doing so. Memories of family and friends is what one tends to dig in to find solace far from the recurring bothersome thought, whatever that may be. Memories related to a close one however can further deter sleep when refreshed about every waking moment spent with that person.

I lied earlier in my assumption that you may not have had the need to face a sleepless night. In my experience, the more you mature, the more you come to grips with life, the faster it throws a sleepless night your way. If I am correct, then this piece is written to simply explain the fact that everyone around you is undergoing or has undergone the same feeling as you due to one aspect or another of their life. The solution to it does not have to be sleeping pills or other drug induction but a simple acceptance of the reality, a walk through the childhood years where the concept of a sleepless night might have sounded funny to us. Maturing further to not let the tension grip you, not let anything dissuade you and remember the time you slept in your loved ones arms (mother, soul mate) without a worry in the world.

To avoid the recurrence of sleepless nights, one can also immerse themselves in a completely packed day. Getting involved in things you like to not leave the smallest window of idle mind between sunrise and sunset though daunting can promise you peace of mind and body and bring you a night of dreams just as that of a new born baby.

I know it must all sound as easier said than done, which is why I am writing this piece on one of my sleepless nights. Doing something that I like, writing…

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mohit -- Mo

Firstly, let’s just say I have a great appreciation for addicts from now on. Let it be drugs, alcohol or simply coffee. I understand how hard it can be to let go. I tried to stay away from Orkut but was driven right back. Just as all other addictions however, I feel controlled consumption doesn’t hurt as bad. So please, don’t quit, just control it.

Now for, who is Mo?

Well, Mo is just a kid who has undergone some serious transformations over the past few years. Journey from Mohit to Mo was quite interesting, surprising and most of all, very unique. Unique, I call it, simply because people I place in similar boots seem to be running a whole different route. There is a conscious attempt on my part to preserve Mohit while be Mo. Rest, I’d leave it on you good friends to define Mohit Khadaria. If you testify on my behalf, write freely, write truthfully, and it’s my promise, it will be approved without condition.

Born in Bombay (not Mumbai!), I have always been addicted to the fast pace life that Bombay provides. Coming to a small college town for my engineering has certainly shown me a different facet of life. My attraction to the city is unquestionable and I hope to return there soon for family and friends alike.

I like to think of the Earth as one big country. I think Global. I do want India to prosper, but not at the cost of turning its own citizens into slogging workaholics. A country is considered prosperous where it can provide the basic necessities to all its citizens and have harmony within the community. I feel this idea is lost, I cannot think of one country that has achieved it. So, think of a prosperous nation, not developed. Individual prosperity will result in Global development. For instance, if outsourcing bothers you, it seems to me that you are being a bit self-seeking. If you don’t mind your job going to someone from your own country, then why should it bother you if it goes seven seas away? You have just helped out a growing nation perhaps, to bring all closer to equality. As mentioned before, one Earth one country.

When it comes to Religion, here’s what I think is the general take of my generation. We are a lazy bunch of thick skulled television influenced puppets; Very easily manipulated in taking the effortless route. I say this, because atheism has grown four fold and just seem to be the easy way out. I am not saying that I support the theory of a magical power either, I am an engineer; my life is science driven. However, I’d like to believe there exists Someone who is looking out. Doesn’t matter what cast, creed, religion; Hindu, Muslim, Christian are all just defined by man. So next time you pass a temple, mosque, church, gurudwara maybe just use it as an excuse to remember the All Mighty. In the end, take responsibility for your actions and even credit for your good doings. You have earned it. He is there as a shadow, not to make it happen.

White, brown, black... need I say anymore. The color of your skin is simply based off the distance your fore fathers lived from the equator!! Do not judge or discriminate based off looks. People say first impressions are the most important. I say, don’t register a first impression. It is almost impossible to know a person in one meeting. Keep your image of that person blank till you get to know them better. Trust me, you will have less to regret later.

I consider my Dad my idol In the least of conversation, I have learnt the most from him. I lack creativity. I lack the ability to come up with the right thing to do. Hence, I rely on others. I am a critique. I evaluate my peers, colleagues, strangers alike. I adapt, learn and apply what I consider good about them. Your idols won’t be perfect. Hence, do not hold on to just a few. There are those who influence you the most but then there is always something to learn in every minor moment of life shared with anyone.

I am not a writer. But strong quotes do influence me, drive me. Here’s a few of my favourites. Sorry for no citations. I thank their authors.
‘If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living’ – My life is all about being joyous and spreading joy. Spread just one smile a day and it is enough to propagate happiness. It is also free.
‘Do not let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a part of who you become’ – Strongly related to what I meant about going from Mohit to Mo.
‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’ – If you are truly smiling, you are already a winner.

I decided to mention my views on certain pertinent issues here as this what comes to mind when I am questioned to think about myself. If you have made the painstaking effort of reading through this entire thing, I thank you for your interest. Whether you are a friend or a stranger who has navigated to this page, I strongly welcome any rebuff or acceptance of my ideas.