Friday, July 25, 2008

Life in Short, at 21

Following is an excerpt from a chat with a wonderful friend (referred to as anon) to preserve privacy. I post it because it seems to relate to a lot of people at my age, atleast from what i see.

Mo: you up late on a friday night.. in a goood mood presumably...

Anon: was in a pathetic mood actually...when im in a good mood, i sleep... when bad, i stay

Mo: hmm.. now what could be a reason to make dearest anon in a pathetic shoot reasons.. n i'll kill them.

1. getting old
2. too less time at home
3. what to do further in life
4. my boy mearly never beside me
5. sister away
6. depressing world
7. nieces and nephews way smarter

hmm... i honestly request 3 mins for rebuttal.once u complete the reasons.

Anon: hee hee hee

1. omg. you are not old. you have barely spent a 5th of your life. with 4/5th of it on its way with equally ton of fun that you have had uptil now.
2. i understand less time at home.. but thats why man invented phone/web conference. further frm family,, closer you get .. stronger the love. more time you give thm to miss u... better the getting back.
3. Wht to do further in life.. Hmm... 40% of the world population that revolves arnd the 18-25 age bracket.. has no answer to that question. you are not alone .

Anon: dats nice !

4. aww... dun miss ur boy too much.. you got friends arnd... cherish the moments u get with him... enjoy the rest split amongst friends. coz trust me, they miss you a ton, when he's arnd.
5. hmm.. my sister is 9 yrs younger... n not gone married away yet... am sure i'll miss her... but thats acceptabe.. gets u another place to visit with a reason to visit as often as u like!... expandin ur footprint on this earth

Anon: hmmm....

6. Now, i really don't like this reason. My world, is my friends, my family. That seriously ain't depressing. and I am sure i speak for you too, when i say they are not depressing at all!!!! then how is ur world depressing... u jus need to think the answer thru.. and u'll contradict urself.
7. Everyone loooks smarter in schoool. i haven't done the amount of work i did in 10th boards ever since. those are days of bein nerd smart... these are the days of bein street smart.

Comments, rebuttals... most welcome. as always.


  1. loved it mann...i too need this kind of coucelling once...

    really looking fwd to c u online sometime...pls b patient though, i have a lot of reasons :)

  2. lolz.. am glad you liked it :).. There's a bunch more articles, do check em out... Will see you online soon... PS: How was singapore!?!? bataya bhi nahi saale...

  3. Hi Mo,
    I read your blog with great intest, tho late. Promise to be more regular from now on. My comments are enumerated pointwise.

    1. Good job, well done.
    2. Me too.....
    3. Ditto
    4. Beyond comprehension... ol timer.
    5. you r still the same.... an endearing quality about u
    6. Sounds like me.
    7. Me too.... always the Lady Teachers darling tho.Followed her everywhere when in 7th grade.
    8. It was always a fancy & still is.
    9. Plz tell.... itoo wept when i saw TZP.
    10. Gr8
    11. Am Poor on gadgets. Mobile freak tho.
    12 Heard only about Beer Bars... whats an EE Bar????
    13. The Dean had not seen ur father when he was in 7th grade. Going to a boarding school was my dream which I wanted to fulfill thru u. Sorry Sonny.
    14. Look at the positives.... You learnt something.
    15. And I believe in "Chalta Hai"
    16. I once acted in a play as 'Dhitrashtra', without even a single dialogue, & progressed to acting as a Bull in the next one.
    17. I am amazed that i could teach u to be such a good photographer.
    18. serious??? I dont mind small lies intended to avoid hurting others.
    19. serves u right. Be careful next time. Sisters r like that only.....
    20. SMSes are my forte`
    21. Big man to strangers; friends adore me & I can do anything for them.
    22. Never call yourself a SLAVE..... at least till u are Married!
    23. I can understand.... in my case its ur mom.
    24. They take away the Quality time I cud spend with u..... but u know I am generous....
    25. ;)

  4. this is such a super-awesome conversation.
    wonder who could it be? :)
    i wish i had u speakin into my brain daily :)