Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As the rumors may have it, the day is finally here…

Describing Mohit to Mo is how this blog took shape. Now it’s time to share with you all, a journey that will eventually lead towards Mo to Mohit. The countdown has begun as I move close to a day that has been awaited almost 7 years now.

A wait that involved always knowing that one day it would come,
A wait that involved proving wrong those who never believed it could come.
A wait that was more of a journey of its own,
A wait that brought a life I could have never known.

This day to come isn’t much different from the one 7 years back.

Little did I know of my life to be then
Life as it was would turn boys into men
I came with anxiety and a will to succeed
I came as a kid and wasn’t much worried

The anxiety hasn’t escaped me as I decide to return
The kid I won’t let escape as it keeps me young
Life likes to remain unknown as it did these years
I sure like its surprises as I hold no fears

As I bid adieu to this phase of life, I look for your blessings and love. I hope to cross paths with you in the near future. Whether you are in America, India or any part of the world, there is house that awaits your visit wherever life takes me.

For now, if you ask me why… it’s a simple urge to have the door bell ring and not know already who is on the other side of the door…