Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You and I... In this Beautiful World...

Long idle stares and instant (usually ‘what’s wrong with them’) opinions when strangers cross paths have become second nature to the streets of our city. “Hello” and “It was nice to meet you” is generally the extent of our meeting new people. Over a couple decades of schooling, learning life’s important lessons, and generally the development we reach is to be wary of strangers, keep distance from new company and question motives behind any shred of niceness that someone showers towards us. Is this really healthy?
If you do not relate to any of the statements above, congratulations, you are doing it right. Know that your life is helping change this world infusing humanity one smile at a time. If, instead, something above struck a nerve, it is more than likely you realize this state but find it difficult to single handedly bring any change. Following is an attempt at finding a way to bring about this essential change.
The first and most important thing to convince one of is there is more good than bad in this world. A simple concept, yet almost always forgotten when developing new trust. This apprehension usually arises from the fear of being hurt by people we let into our lives. However, instead of resolving the issue at hand, being hurt, we go on to avoid anything that can remotely reach that point. One case where I do not feel prevention is better than cure.
We often hide behind the comfort of old relations, partners and family. It is this satisfaction that perhaps keeps us from venturing too far out or letting someone too far in. There is one study after another to be found that accurately equates human happiness to doing ‘good’ for others over doing ‘good’ for self. In our satisfaction of life, not only are we accepting the secluded nature of the world but also missing out on all the positive moments we are capable of generating with others.
As for my part and I hope someday you reach the comfort to join in, I vow to connect as many lives as I can. To make an effort beyond the initial “hello” by sharing, imbibing and reflecting any and all positive aspects of people I meet. To strongly get influenced and vocalize such influence which gives people a new insight within themselves. Accept a nice gesture unquestioned and respond in utmost kind.
We have come to be a culture which has all the negative insights in celebrity lives, all the know-how about the ‘Real Housewives’, but little awareness amongst our closest friends. I wish to pen next, a few character sketches of positive influences around me. Whether you find yourself relate to one or more, may you inculcate them all. If it is you I write about, please consider this my honest and glad appreciation to have had you come into my life. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

When searching for your place in this world...

One year almost to the day, I’ve missed you dear blog. Inspiration, exposure or lacks thereof have kept me from writing. Perhaps a transitional period of ABSOLUTE change, in personal, professional, spiritual, emotional and any life I had come to create for myself, has also kept me from penning to you.

Regained control, revived thoughts and restored goals bring me to you today to share some stark influences of my life. Having spent 17 years of youth, childhood and countless mistakes in India, I hadn’t completely grasped ever what the country had to offer and more importantly, what I had absorbed from it. 7 odd years of my twenties spent in America probably provided a period of better clarity, better absorption; however, it was a period lacking something, something I was only able to truly grasp upon returning to India.

If I were to truly reflect upon the major differences between the two cultures, I’d have to say, there was one I never considered but stood out most. America gave one the ability to be satisfied and content with their life. It showered one with every opportunity possible to make leaps in their career, explore their hobbies and interests and was ever so accommodating to the novice within them. Happiness, however, lay only in the control of the individual rather than anything the land had to offer. For this life also brought with it a lack of enforced societal ties that eventually left the individual in a sea of comforts, shared little with the world while ever longing to do so.

The ruthless drive, constant competition, cutthroat need of survival in India, on the other hand, perhaps wasn’t so rewarding in its opportunities or the acceptance of the beginner, but… It formed a community, a society, and a culture that would never be satisfied in its own achievements. This lifelong inculcated need to excel produced countless winners, countless successful generations, but I question its achievement in creating happiness. Success in the wake of morally questionable directions to create a populated society with a finicky adjuration of its people leaves one, somehow, with a fake sense of joy. This however, gives true reason to the phrase ignorance is bliss.

Pick your poison yourself, as the rest of the world can very well be placed upon the above split canvas. What you gain from culture, what you gain from different lands, will never get even close to what you gain from a five minute story of the stranger who you crossed paths with in your pursuit of Nothingness today.

Stay positive, Stay alive.

Love, Mo