Thursday, February 19, 2009

Candid Mo

I hate writing and am not sure why I am doing this... This is what you get for tagging me! :P

1. When I was 5, I bit my annoying uncle.

2. I have successfully gone on diets... almost every time... almost.

3. My childhood was spent growing up with two elder sisters who made me play everything from doctor-doctor to house to dressing barbies!.. ofcourse, I was always the nurse, or the kid at home!!.. Rest assured, I get them back for it, daily..........

4. I was facebook proposed for marriage! :S... and I accepted it :P... FACT: Its a joke!

5. I am very gullible. More than you think. My prof told me he is going to alaska on a hunting trip with sarah palin... and I believed him... Gosh, he was headed for research purposes.

6. I am very serious about dieting, at all times that I ain't eating.

7. I was a teacher's pet. :(... I was termed the conscience of the classroom!!... Things have changed...

8. I wasn't too much at ease, talking to girls in school... If you can even believe that... As I said, things have changed.

9. There is one song... one song alone... that my eyes get watery to. No, am not telling you which one.

10. I was born on a wednesday at 9:15 am.

11. I am a gadget freak. If its technology, if its out there, I want it.

12. I started the EE BAR TOUR!... and am looking forward to the EE Reunion Bar Tour....

13. I spent three weeks in a boarding school in 7th grade... The Dean called me the most pampered kid he has seen. I couldn't last.

14. In my three weeks, I learnt pottery, making hand made paper,
and leading a disciplined life. I still feel not staying was a good decision... The school was churning kids as machines.

15. I am the annoying question asking kid from your Physics lecture... Class of 40 or 400... if I doubt ain't clear, I just can't move on...

16. I won a race in 3rd grade.. Believe it or not.. Ever since its been all about

A Symbol of Peace

17. I took this picture while on the ferry to the statue of liberty... Sent it to Mumbai Mirror (city newspaper) along with a peace message after the london bombings... They Published it :)

18. I believe in honesty a little too much. Please do not lie to me.

19. My earlier referred elder sisters have a very embarrasing dance video of mine from when I was younger... and they use it as ransom anytime they'd like something... Its only time before I get my hands on it and desecrate it!

20. I blog. rarely.

21. Reserved to strangers... Open book to friends... you are certainly the latter...

22. A music slave... Like all kinds of stuff, and cannot walk without my shuffle...

23. I suck at matching colors... Till date the only working combination am aware of is Black and White... For the rest, I refer to my younger sis...

24. I am the binder for school friends on my trips back home... Gettin them together, hasslin wid their nakhraas ( tantrums ) ;)... At the end of the day, its worth it... let the pic speak!

Friends for the road ahead...

25. I believe in non ending goals. Spreading one smile a day.. a perfect and most simple goal I follow :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love, whats your interpretation?

I love my family, my close friends, my computer, my shoes.

Hmm. I find it interesting that even though Love is an abstract feeling, all of us are able to find numerous things we are absolutely sure of loving. So here’s a question for you. What’s your interpretation of love? Especially, what makes you so sure about your love for something? And yes, I have heard all the reasons like, you just know or there is an inside voice or you have just struck a chord with someone.

I think, like everything else we look for a reason to explain our surroundings. Explain things we come across for the first time. In doing so, we take society’s help. We learn from its experience and adapt what we see. From what I have seen around me, unconditional love has often come from such reasoning. The unexpected is more often than not explained as an act of love. Whether its family being nice to you, or your best friend buying you a St. Valentine’s gift, or simply receiving a call at midnight on your birthday – It sure must be out of love.

Okay, I am not sure if such interpretation of love is actually wrong. It is, in fact, abstract and thus can be defined by an individual’s whim. Mine says that if you are a person that comes to mind on more than one occasion a day there is love I hold for you in my heart. That love dictates my behavior, my conduct towards everyone. It simply makes me happier and keeps me smiling. Caring for someone or being cared for are the closest things that get to being happy. Spreading and sharing love certainly accommodates both. I do not wish to look at love as a sacred entity preserved only for one other individual. Not only do you risk deserting those who deserve your attention, but at the same time you truly risk losing your identity when you give in too much. When there is that special someone in your life, they get to rule your heart. When they are not, they shouldn’t take it away with them.

I might be a little misplaced in the above discussion. St. Valentine’s just kept the topic revolving around. I guess all I am trying to say is please have a broad outlook towards love. Please do not be afraid of the feeling. Let it be easy to fall in love. Just let it be impossible to lose oneself for it. Identify the different forms of love. Do not limit yourself to the one for family and one for the special someone. Instead make an effort to show your true feelings. Trust me; it is more appreciated than you think. The other day, I remember writing an email to a few of my friends simply letting them know that someone had thought of them. I was responded to with some very true smiles and a unique sense of joy.

This blog is dedicated to my friends and family. If you are not yet aware, or if I have been slacking in communicating so, I absolutely LOVE you. As always, if you have chosen to go through and read the irregular fallout of my mind please respond with comments, rebuttals and/or feedback. In this case, your interpretation of love would certainly be apt.