Thursday, February 19, 2009

Candid Mo

I hate writing and am not sure why I am doing this... This is what you get for tagging me! :P

1. When I was 5, I bit my annoying uncle.

2. I have successfully gone on diets... almost every time... almost.

3. My childhood was spent growing up with two elder sisters who made me play everything from doctor-doctor to house to dressing barbies!.. ofcourse, I was always the nurse, or the kid at home!!.. Rest assured, I get them back for it, daily..........

4. I was facebook proposed for marriage! :S... and I accepted it :P... FACT: Its a joke!

5. I am very gullible. More than you think. My prof told me he is going to alaska on a hunting trip with sarah palin... and I believed him... Gosh, he was headed for research purposes.

6. I am very serious about dieting, at all times that I ain't eating.

7. I was a teacher's pet. :(... I was termed the conscience of the classroom!!... Things have changed...

8. I wasn't too much at ease, talking to girls in school... If you can even believe that... As I said, things have changed.

9. There is one song... one song alone... that my eyes get watery to. No, am not telling you which one.

10. I was born on a wednesday at 9:15 am.

11. I am a gadget freak. If its technology, if its out there, I want it.

12. I started the EE BAR TOUR!... and am looking forward to the EE Reunion Bar Tour....

13. I spent three weeks in a boarding school in 7th grade... The Dean called me the most pampered kid he has seen. I couldn't last.

14. In my three weeks, I learnt pottery, making hand made paper,
and leading a disciplined life. I still feel not staying was a good decision... The school was churning kids as machines.

15. I am the annoying question asking kid from your Physics lecture... Class of 40 or 400... if I doubt ain't clear, I just can't move on...

16. I won a race in 3rd grade.. Believe it or not.. Ever since its been all about

A Symbol of Peace

17. I took this picture while on the ferry to the statue of liberty... Sent it to Mumbai Mirror (city newspaper) along with a peace message after the london bombings... They Published it :)

18. I believe in honesty a little too much. Please do not lie to me.

19. My earlier referred elder sisters have a very embarrasing dance video of mine from when I was younger... and they use it as ransom anytime they'd like something... Its only time before I get my hands on it and desecrate it!

20. I blog. rarely.

21. Reserved to strangers... Open book to friends... you are certainly the latter...

22. A music slave... Like all kinds of stuff, and cannot walk without my shuffle...

23. I suck at matching colors... Till date the only working combination am aware of is Black and White... For the rest, I refer to my younger sis...

24. I am the binder for school friends on my trips back home... Gettin them together, hasslin wid their nakhraas ( tantrums ) ;)... At the end of the day, its worth it... let the pic speak!

Friends for the road ahead...

25. I believe in non ending goals. Spreading one smile a day.. a perfect and most simple goal I follow :)


  1. Hi Mo,
    I read your blog with great intest, tho late. Promise to be more regular from now on. My comments are enumerated pointwise.

    1. Good job, well done.
    2. Me too.....
    3. Ditto
    4. Beyond comprehension... ol timer.
    5. you r still the same.... an endearing quality about u
    6. Sounds like me.
    7. Me too.... always the Lady Teachers darling tho.Followed her everywhere when in 7th grade.
    8. It was always a fancy & still is.
    9. Plz tell.... itoo wept when i saw TZP.
    10. Gr8
    11. Am Poor on gadgets. Mobile freak tho.
    12 Heard only about Beer Bars... whats an EE Bar????
    13. The Dean had not seen ur father when he was in 7th grade. Going to a boarding school was my dream which I wanted to fulfill thru u. Sorry Sonny.
    14. Look at the positives.... You learnt something.
    15. And I believe in "Chalta Hai"
    16. I once acted in a play as 'Dhitrashtra', without even a single dialogue, & progressed to acting as a Bull in the next one.
    17. I am amazed that i could teach u to be such a good photographer.
    18. serious??? I dont mind small lies intended to avoid hurting others.
    19. serves u right. Be careful next time. Sisters r like that only.....
    20. SMSes are my forte`
    21. Big man to strangers; friends adore me & I can do anything for them.
    22. Never call yourself a SLAVE..... at least till u are Married!
    23. I can understand.... in my case its ur mom.
    24. They take away the Quality time I cud spend with u..... but u know I am generous....
    25. ;)

  2. Hey Mohit,
    It has only been 2 days since I know u or rather trying to...but definitely doesn't seem like (get conscious whenever I write lyk now)that.
    It seems that I know more than the 25 things that you have stated about yourself...and that's the efficacy of your words that i've been trapped into.
    Why are you so smart?? Or the better question is "Why ain't I that smart??"

  3. Dearest Richa,

    I agree with you... Sometimes time isn't the factor that plays into getting to know someone... Connections happen and one such amazing one did.

    I am glad to have got to know you and am looking forward to continue the exploration. Hopefully, someday you'll shed light on what unspoken things you have gotten to know about me.

    Thank you for being a admirer of my word efficacy.

  4. Very Amzingly written,
    Highlight is the responses from your father..!!


  5. Thank you :)... Am guessing sheek? ;)


  7. Ok i have never revealed most of this stuff before!

    1. an actual real monkey bit my ass when i was small

    2. i have had milk of various animals - human, cow, buffalo, camel, goat, donkey, yak

    3. my heart makes decisions for me. im 23 yrs old and i still wonder on what basis have i made all the decisions in my life. i js dont remember!

    4. i have strong imagination power - to the extent that sometimes im not sure if certain incidents of life are real or imaginary

    5. i have a folder called "Important Things In Life" on my laptop and it is full of pictures of my favourite shoes

    6. i used to be turned into a boy for the school dances when i was young

    7. i find the Fax machine to be the coolest invention on earth. so much so that sometimes i think it works purely on magic

    8. i want to buy a flat in a building called "Jewel Classic" i have just seen from outside

    9. i like being chubby and plump

    10. i have the urge to go completely bald at tirupati quite regularly

    11. somebody threw a stone at me on the road once when i was in 7th std. walking on that road ever since has been a daunting task

    12. i can imitate and sing like Adnan Sami pretty decently

    13. i envy those who can dance well

    14. i have the urge to steal babies time to time

    15. always wanted to learn the ballet and to play the harp

    16. have already written my Will and saved it in "Important Things in Life"

    17. thought God was punishing me when he sent my sister to states and me to mangalore for studies and thus seperating us for a lifetime

    18. i suck at keepin in touch

    19. love the months - October and December, though i think January is a part of December

    20. when i was small and if my parents told me in the evening that tonight we are going out for dinner and if eventually we didnt end up going, i wud cry. Not going to a restaurant - that was the sorrow of my life in childhood :)

    21. i believe in euthanasia

    22. i dont remember the names of all my nieces/nephews. i have THIRTY SIX first cousins and I AM THE YOUNGEST ! i became an aunt when i was like in 4th std or something and a grand-aunt in 11th std !

    23. irrespective of time,place,company - if i have a cold, i HAVE TO blow my nose !

    24. i was born when there was 5 mins left for it to become midnight. so according to my logic i work better at night cz my body clock started then ! so simple!

    25. i thought this "HomeWork" would be SO difficult but it has actually been a cakewalk :) Thank you "Mo(Hit)" :)