Monday, February 16, 2009

Love, whats your interpretation?

I love my family, my close friends, my computer, my shoes.

Hmm. I find it interesting that even though Love is an abstract feeling, all of us are able to find numerous things we are absolutely sure of loving. So here’s a question for you. What’s your interpretation of love? Especially, what makes you so sure about your love for something? And yes, I have heard all the reasons like, you just know or there is an inside voice or you have just struck a chord with someone.

I think, like everything else we look for a reason to explain our surroundings. Explain things we come across for the first time. In doing so, we take society’s help. We learn from its experience and adapt what we see. From what I have seen around me, unconditional love has often come from such reasoning. The unexpected is more often than not explained as an act of love. Whether its family being nice to you, or your best friend buying you a St. Valentine’s gift, or simply receiving a call at midnight on your birthday – It sure must be out of love.

Okay, I am not sure if such interpretation of love is actually wrong. It is, in fact, abstract and thus can be defined by an individual’s whim. Mine says that if you are a person that comes to mind on more than one occasion a day there is love I hold for you in my heart. That love dictates my behavior, my conduct towards everyone. It simply makes me happier and keeps me smiling. Caring for someone or being cared for are the closest things that get to being happy. Spreading and sharing love certainly accommodates both. I do not wish to look at love as a sacred entity preserved only for one other individual. Not only do you risk deserting those who deserve your attention, but at the same time you truly risk losing your identity when you give in too much. When there is that special someone in your life, they get to rule your heart. When they are not, they shouldn’t take it away with them.

I might be a little misplaced in the above discussion. St. Valentine’s just kept the topic revolving around. I guess all I am trying to say is please have a broad outlook towards love. Please do not be afraid of the feeling. Let it be easy to fall in love. Just let it be impossible to lose oneself for it. Identify the different forms of love. Do not limit yourself to the one for family and one for the special someone. Instead make an effort to show your true feelings. Trust me; it is more appreciated than you think. The other day, I remember writing an email to a few of my friends simply letting them know that someone had thought of them. I was responded to with some very true smiles and a unique sense of joy.

This blog is dedicated to my friends and family. If you are not yet aware, or if I have been slacking in communicating so, I absolutely LOVE you. As always, if you have chosen to go through and read the irregular fallout of my mind please respond with comments, rebuttals and/or feedback. In this case, your interpretation of love would certainly be apt.


  1. hmmm ...i like the way you express love in a sensitive yet practical way ..

    LOVE that !

  2. Well, had not thought of writing this here...but as you know "RANDOM"...that's how I am.
    Firstly, let me tell you that nobody has ever been so sweet to me as you have...actually felt like a princess. And thanks a ton for that. Probably my own husband would have more "NOs" to my stuuupid conditions. And let me clarify, nothing of that sort would ever happen.
    Ya, i know that I am stubborn and not reluctant to change,but i will definitely one day change for the special someone and not because he wants me to but only because he never asked me to...and that's love for me. Maybe, I repent not doing this earlier, but if I do, trust me I'll be the one thinking about you that day. And I so wish that this happens...not because I want to regret but because I do not want to miss a chance to think about you.
    I hope you are blushing....!

    If it's meant to be, it will be.

  3. Dearest Richa,

    Am very glad for the kind words. If being Random allows you to be expressive, I wish more such instances upon you.

    Reading further into your comment, I felt it was sketched out before being penned and yet was left with contradicting emotions.

    As for your stubborn assumptions about the future, they usually have a saying, Never say Never. Let life unfold and live in the present.

    I truly hope that it is not a regret that triggers a thought about me, but simply a choice.

    A Greek philosopher once referred to everyone as the white strands in a Toga. Just as him, I wish to be the purple strand that brings elegance to the entire outfit. And your words, certainly make me feel the same.

    PS: What makes you change isn't love. What seems effortless is your transition in your special someone's life.

  4. " When there is that special someone in your life, they get to rule your heart. When they are not, they shouldn’t take it away with them."
    that is such a beautiful line :)
    i clapped for u on d fone
    and i clap for u again :)