Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't Sleep?

Ever rolled in your bed for hours at a stretch? Forcing yourself to think in a certain direction, trying to distract yourself from anything and everything? Well, maybe not. Maybe you haven’t faced the need to do so. I hope the need never arises. The only way I feel you can help it is by achieving distraction in the form of something you like. To evaluate what could be keeping you away from sleep might be a good start. From the short afternoon nap, to the evening pinch of caffeine in your Starbucks coffee anything could trigger a sleepless night. Stress about upcoming work or fear of facing tomorrow could also push your dream world away. Once recognized, however, the most difficult part becomes to submerge yourself completely into a different thought. People usually play an important role when it comes to doing so. Memories of family and friends is what one tends to dig in to find solace far from the recurring bothersome thought, whatever that may be. Memories related to a close one however can further deter sleep when refreshed about every waking moment spent with that person.

I lied earlier in my assumption that you may not have had the need to face a sleepless night. In my experience, the more you mature, the more you come to grips with life, the faster it throws a sleepless night your way. If I am correct, then this piece is written to simply explain the fact that everyone around you is undergoing or has undergone the same feeling as you due to one aspect or another of their life. The solution to it does not have to be sleeping pills or other drug induction but a simple acceptance of the reality, a walk through the childhood years where the concept of a sleepless night might have sounded funny to us. Maturing further to not let the tension grip you, not let anything dissuade you and remember the time you slept in your loved ones arms (mother, soul mate) without a worry in the world.

To avoid the recurrence of sleepless nights, one can also immerse themselves in a completely packed day. Getting involved in things you like to not leave the smallest window of idle mind between sunrise and sunset though daunting can promise you peace of mind and body and bring you a night of dreams just as that of a new born baby.

I know it must all sound as easier said than done, which is why I am writing this piece on one of my sleepless nights. Doing something that I like, writing…


  1. I am reading/replying to this on one of my sleepless nights too.. it has very many reasons.. but sometimes it can just be the weather around.. and sometimes can be everything in the world bothering ones mind.. I have i have a mixture of both

    Very well written complicated piece.. Happy Blogging :)

  2. I do not think it is only sleepless nights... it is also sleepless days... I also think in that sleepless path you discover yourself... what/who you search for in life...

    I strongly believe someone somewhere would like to share our sleepless nights with us.... (I'm not sure I'm explaining myself correctly)

  3. I have sleepless nights because I sleep during the day. And I simply love it. There is so much peace and calmness that my efficiency is nearly twice as compared to the day chores.

    So Mo, just to add to your views on sleepless nights, some people suffer from this because they are too busy with their lazy days.

  4. Perfectly valid addition Richa... Thanks :)