Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was four
Life was pure
I turned eight
Life was great

Came along twelve
School became hell
Rushed through sixteen
Keen to find meaning

Turned a corner at twenty
No longer in a hurry to lose my sanity
Will turn twenty four
But not a minute before

Will live a driven life
Not lose my confidence twice
Will live to share
Not settle in lifeless despair

If you chose to come in my life
Plan to be on a unique ride
There are ups n downs you’ll face
Ones that will definitely change your pace

Hope to meet you on this wonderful journey
Look out World, here comes me
Drop a line, if we share a memory
Will help reminisce, when I think about thee


  1. Cute!

    I am twenty five, still feels nice !! :)

  2. gud one sir...just tell me my blog had a hand in this will make my day ;)

  3. @darga. Ofcourse sir. The original poet is definitely an inspiration :)

    @Amit. Yes sir. This one and every other on this blog :)

  4. nice nice...I like it ;)
    ....(what about when you were 9.....)

  5. my favourite stanzas were 4th and fifth :)